About Epsilon Mu Chapter

Bradley University's Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi was founded by 22 men on February 26th, 1982. Following our slogan "We Will Lead", the Epsilon Mu Chapter has grown to become a prominent influence both on campus and in the local community.

Our mission at Bradley University is to provide an environment in which lifelong brotherhood can be forged among our members. What is lifelong brotherhood? Despite its widespread usage, it is difficult to articulate such a term. The path to understanding lifelong brotherhood is a personal journey characterized by each individual's own unique experiences and reflections. Yet no matter how one views it, one thing will always hold true: Lifelong brotherhood is about helping out a friend in need when they encounter hardships with the knowledge that those same people are there for you when you encounter obstacles in life. It is this common bond that is perpetuated within our fraternity and makes us who we are. It is our identity. It is our brotherhood.

We seek not only to guide the personal growth of our members during their college years, but to assist the local community as well. Philanthropic work is a strong value present in every chapter of Pi Kappa Phi, and Epsilon Mu is no exception. Our national organization is the only fraternity in the world to independently operate our own outreach organization - The Ability Experience. The Ability Experience is a nationwide organization dedicated to supporting adults and children with disabilities. Through efforts such as volunteering, fundraising, and disability awareness, The Ability Experience strives to improve the lives of disabled people everywhere.

Epsilon Mu is committed to giving back to the community. On a nationwide level, we run several fundraising events including our Tollroads project and our Empathy Dinner, and are routinely one of the largest contributors to charity of any fraternity on campus. Through partnerships with local organizations such as PARC and Camp Big Sky, Epsilon Mu donates not only financial resources, but the time and effort of its members as well. For over the past 6 years, members of Epsilon Mu have made it a semi-annual event to take a Saturday to construct a wheelchair-accessible outdoor deck at many of PARC's properties (check it out in our photo albums!). Members also volunteer at annual events held by each organization as a way of showing our chapter's support. We believe strongly in giving back to our local community, and we demonstrate this in a way that no other fraternity on campus does.

Membership in the Epsilon Mu Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi offers it all - friendship and leadership opportunities in your undergraduate years, lifelong brotherhood as an Alumni, countless networking opportunities post-graduation, and a way to give back to your community.

We are Pi Kappa Phi - We Will Lead.